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Our Mission

At Scandinavian Mountains FS, our mission is to provide files for your sim that will enable you to continue to explore the vast world through your flight sim. We want to produce files for airports that are off the beaten track. We produce files for airports that are often neglected or not looked at when it comes to P3DV5 compatibility patches and GSX profiles.

Our Vision

At Scandinavian Mountains, our vision is to embrace payware scenery and continue its use on the next generation of sims regardless of its development status. We want to allow users who have purchased scenery ranging from present-day to 10 years in the past to continue to use their paid purchases through the use of compatibility files and GSX profiles.

Our Staff

  • Bailey - Managing Director, Scandinavian Mountains FS
  • Daniel - Top Man, Scandinavian Mountains FS
  • Brodie - Director of Kiwi Operations, Scandinavian Mountains FS
  • James - Director of Welsh Language Communications, Scandinavian Mountains FS

Exclusive Locations

Frequently asked questions

Of course! We ensure every file provided is completly safe with your computer!

We sure do buckaroo! Chuck me an email at and we will see if it will be possible. We ask if it's financially viable for you to donate to a charity in exchange for our work for each request.

Long story short, I bought the wrong domain name for a project and just ended up buying a bunch, and this one sounds the coolest.

We do all sorts of airports because I own heaps of them. To this day, over $5,000 I've spent on the sim. So I do airports that I install in my sim that ain't v5 compatible yet. Oh, and unlike others I don't charge for patches.

We do both GSX and V5 files for different airports.

Not only is it luxury, but it's also got a cool flag and my friend and I just like to fly into it and out cause Qatar Airways has an awesome livery, and it's legit Hong Kong of the Middle East. Sorry Dubai, but Hamad is 10x better.

While we don't wish people to do so at the end of the day there is nothing stopping you. Just give us credit if you're going to do so.

If you for some reason want to give me cash for my work please donate it to a charity and i'll be very appreciated.